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Microsoft® Office Training

NCCP095M Intro. to Excel


with Del Record

Calendar Next available session starts May 2, 2023 at 9:30 am

For the new spreadsheet user. Learn statistical analysis skills and create formulas and functions. Explore spreadsheet formatting, printing and charting.

What you'll need:

  • Computer with webcam capabilities and a microphone
  • Additional Monitor (optional, but recommended)

For more details: Click here

NCCP90M Intermediate Excel


with Del Record

Calendar Next available session starts May 9, 2023 at 9:30 am

For the casual spreadsheet user. Create charts and graphical representation of numeric data for visual communication. Use list-management skills to organize data including filters, sort and sub-totals.

What you’ll need:

  • Computer with webcam capabilities and a microphone
  • Additional Monitor (optional, but recommended)

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Microsoft Excel - Macros, Pivot Tables & Logical Functions


with Del Record

Calendar Next available session starts May 16, 2023 at 9:30 am

Macros Pivot Tables Logical Functions Objectives for the experienced spreadsheet user.  Automate worksheets with macros. Participants will analyze data using pivot tables.

What you’ll need:

  • Computer with webcam capabilities and a microphone
  • Additional Monitor (optional, but recommended)

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Computer Programming Languages Online


with ON LINE

This program provides a background in programming and logic, Microsoft Access and Visual Basic, and Java to help prepare students for entry-level positions as a computer programmers, website or software developers, or database managers. You’ll gain experience with real programs used in the technology field today.  Applicable skills:

Learn the basics of computer programming and logic. Understand the basic logic common to all programming languages.

Create loops; create, search, and sort arrays; create modules and hierarchy charts. Use Boolean expressions, validate input Design graphical user interfaces. Create new Access databases, create forms and reports, sort and filter your data with queries, analyze your data.

Use the Java programming language to program applets and create animations and graphics for use on the Internet. Use Swing components and create Java programs using layout managers.

Apply Visual Basic programming algorithms and data structures to solve real-world problems. Apply object-oriented programming concepts to create new code libraries and use existing code libraries.

Design a complex user interface for a Windows Forms application.

On average this course is 402 hours of independent, online instruction.

For more detailed information: Computer Programming Languages PROGRAM OUTLINE

This course is WIOA Approved.


NCCP364M ABCs of PC Technology, Google, MS Office, and Windows


with Kimberly Campion

This course is designed to bring the novice up-to-speed with the now. Reviewing the what you think “kids” know about computers - the class explores the skills needed for today’s workplace.

Computer Technology

  • A quick big-picture overview of everything
  • Terms & concepts translated for humans

Folder Management

  • Create File Folders, Subfolders, Desktop Shortcuts
  • Save files to folders
  • Copy and paste files 

Google and YouTube

  • Learn to lookup information and find solutions to problems by using Google and YouTube
  • Identify the Components of the Outlook

Explore MS Office - Specific skill sets include creating simple Word and Spreadsheet files and saving to folders.

  • Identify the Structure if MS Word
  • Create and Save a Document
  • Learn to Copy, Cut, and Paste
  • Use more Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Identify the Elements of the Excel Screen
  • Navigate and Select Cells in Worksheets
  • Create a Basic Worksheet
  • Add, Rename, Move, and Delete Worksheets
  • Learn How to use Basic Math in Excel


Review Email Basics as needed

Other Technology and PC Skills provided as needed or by request.

This course is WIOA Approved.

NCCP370M Microsoft OneNote


with CTBD Instructor

Microsoft OneNote is a digital notebook that enables you to enter and organize text, files, videos, audio files, perform simple calculations, add links and insert drawings in structured way. Notebooks can be shared with multiple users so you can work more efficiently. OneNote contains an easy to use search feature to find data in a notebook. This workshop will show you how to create, manage and navigate a OneNote notebook.

This workshop will cover the following topics: 

  • Navigating OneNote
  • Creating a notebook
  • Organizing a notebook by creating sections and pages
  • Adding text and inserting images
  • Inserting video/audio files
  • Attaching files such as Excel or Word into a notebook
  • Adding a tag to a note
  • Using drawing tools
  • Password protecting a section
  • Sharing notebooks



NCCP55M Outlook 2016 Fundamentals


with CTBD Instructor

Outlook is an easy to use mail and calendar program.  This 1-day class will cover 4 main topics; Outlook terminology/setup, working with mail, using the calendar and maintaining contacts.  In the mail section, you will learn how to create and send emails, reply/forward messages, create a signature and organize messages in folders.  Using the calendar, you will create appointments, meetings, events, and learn how to manage your calendar.  Contacts are where you store contact information for people who don’t work at your company such as vendors or clients.  In the contacts section, we will create individual contacts and contact groups.

This course is WIOA Approved.

NCCP73M QuickBooks I 2018


with CTBD Instructor


This course will teach the basics of QuickBooks, getting started, setting up a company and inventory, invoices, processing payments, working with bank accounts, and entering and paying bills.

Prerequisites: You can successfully complete this training without any prior software knowledge or computer experience. A basic understanding of the computer operating system is recommended.

Required Book Information: "Get Going With QuickBooks® 2018 for Windows" purchase at Logical Operations.

OR both books can be seen here:

Each book is written to assume the user has no prior computer skills. If you are using the software for the first time, you will be introduced to its primary features. If you are familiar with the software, you will quickly learn the new features and functionality of this version. Regardless of your skill level, you will learn with the greatest of ease.

This course is WIOA Approved.

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